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AFFORDABLE Ethical Shopping List (UK)

I've recently written a post about myself starting to think in a more ethical way. I really am trying to be more globally aware. I know a lot of people might find this 'living', overwhelming, intimidating and maybe even unnecessary. I really recommend you pop over to my last ethical post, so you can have an idea as to what I am thinking.

Before you read these alternatives, please take into consideration that it doesn't always have to be about making sure EVERYTHING in your life is cruelty free. Although that would be the best! It's not always possible; for many different reasons! The point is that you are making a conscious effort to make the world a better place where you can. At first I was definitely overwhelmed about the thought of only using cruelty free products. Especially when all the alternatives are really expensive. 

For people who are like me and are still new to all this, I've decided to put a list together of the more affordable alternatives that are a bit more easier to find in the UK. Some of the alternatives are bound to be a little more expensive but I'll try my best to keep it balanced. Please also keep in mind that I am in no way a hard-core vege or vegan. It's just a personal decision that I have decided to make, not just for global reasons but also health reasons. Please comment below with your opinion! Just try and keep it positive. <3

Before we start I decided to go through all my products and pick out the ones that were cruelty free. I was shocked to find that only a tiny amount of the products I used (some everyday) were cruelty free. It's so interesting to see how saturated our shelves are with animal tested products. The poor animals. I'm not saying that I am going to be wasteful as I think that is wrong. I will use the products I have until they are used up. Yes some people might consider that hypocritical or wrong, but I'm not going to waste things and let them end up on a waste ground!

So what to look for when out in UK shops?!
Unfortunately some companies still write that they are 'not animal tested' or 'we don't support animal testing', but that isn't always official and certified. If you really want to be sure about the products you are buying check on the - Go Cruelty Free - website or use the logos above as a guide. (If I have missed any out or got any wrong then let me know!)

I'm not going to show different foods that you can buy. I'm sure it's pretty obvious you want to be buying fairtrade, organic or fruit from the country you live in. Avoid fruits with a big carbon foot print. They usually aren't to expensive. Don't forget to get free-range eggs (for non-vegans :) Most main stream grocery stores will sell fair trade items, or local produce. You could always visit your local farmers market or green grocers. I think I'm going to find my local food market and get all the fruit I usually would and compare the price. That way you can decide what one works for you!

Toiletries and Cosmetics
Head over to 'Go Cruelty Free' to get an idea of a whole range of cruelty free brands. I've selected the more expensive options as well as more affordable ones. If you have any suggestions don't forget to comment below!

Unfortunately Boots and I have broken up. It wasn't a messy break up but it needed to be done. I have moved onto Superdrug. Although I'll miss the easy points system, I can feel a little more happy with my new cruelty free products. If it's a Superdrug own brand then it'll have the leaping bunny  logo on it. I popped into my local Superdrug recently to scout out a few bargains. I ended up getting a few products (image -->) all for just over £5. I'm so happy to have found such great products for a great price!

Superdrug Favourites
In the UK the following own-brands are also cruelty free! Which is great as you can get their home cleaning products too. Those products can be difficult to find, but luckily now they can be easy to find! Yay! Of course there are more brands, not just the ones I have mentioned!

A site that I've just come across is Cute Cosmetics! - Check It Out -

Other Cruelty Free Favourites

From the latest M&S range
Fashion is a tricky one, but a subject that I think needs to be (at least) thought about. Just as important as animals are humans. Yes us (most of the time) fabulous humans. The truth is that people are put into horrible positions to create things for us in our cosy world. It's a really difficult mental position for us to be in too. It's great to make a conscious effort to buy from ethical clothing retailers. However, I always think that without the more horrible jobs, some people would literally have nothing. I know what they earn is disgusting, but at the same time I don't want them to go completely without. I'm really not sure where I stand on the subject. If you have any advice on the subject I'd love to hear it! Fortunately for me, during my research I found that H&M is doing really well in the ethical world. H&M has always been one of my favourite shops! So that was a great discovery. It' surprising how many clothing retailers aren't ethically conscious. I'm sure you can guess that cheap stores like Primark aren't known for their ethical ways. It's not always possible to afford the slightly more expensive items, especially when you know that you can get them a lot cheaper elsewhere! For example, I buy basic tights from Primark for £2.50, but if I wanted to get the same tights from H&M it would cost £5.99 for fewer tights. As I said, I'd love your opinions and suggestions! Nevertheless here are a list of the more Ethical retailers in the UK.

H&M (££)
Newlook (££)
People Tree (£££)
BiBiCo (££££)
Braintree Clothing (££££)
Etsy/Folksy (Prices Vary) - **Check independent seller T&C's
Kate Garey (£££) - **Wait for the sales!
Timberland (££££)
TOMS (£££)
Monsoon (£££)
Marks and Spencer (££-£££)
Fat Face (£££) 
John Lewis (£££)

Places that are suggested to avoid:
TU (Sainsburys)
French Connection
George (Asda)
F&F (Tesco)
River Island 

It is so easy to become overwhelmed and saddened by the feeling of not being about to be 100% ethically aware and active. The truth is the very fact that you are at least thinking and trying makes you different from most people living on this planet and that is something to be happy about. I've been struggling with my place in the world and how I am responsible for my actions. Unfortunately we have created a world for ourselves that makes living
ethically difficult. I know some (hard-core) people might think I am being too soft or that I am giving in too easily. There needs to be a huge element of compassion towards everyone in this situation. Everyone has different situations that they are in, in their lives. For example, when I click on the links that say that they are an affordable ethical option. But their items are still £50 for a shirt. For a graduate like myself, looking for work there is no way I can spend a whole 2 weeks budget on once item. At the same time I will try my best to shop as ethically as I can. If you try your best in this world I think that eventually you will succeed. In an ideal world I'd love to be completely self-sufficient, have a little farm. Grow my own produce and own a lot of land. That's my dream, one day I hope I get there. In the mean time I have to work with what I can. Just please don't feel bullied, or overwhelmed like I did at first!
I'd love to hear about your experiences with trying to live ethically. What works for you? Have you witnessed the problems overseas when it comes to the companies we buy from? How do you feel about all this? I'd love to know, so comment below. Till next time.


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LouiseVloggerBlogger said...

It must have taken you ages to put this list together. It's so informative but not overwhelming. Thank you. I'm definitley going to look into my nearest Superdrug now. :)

Sindy Mae said...

Great post Kerry! A lot of people can be intimidating when they write posts about ethical living and you can feel like you are a bad person. But you have done it perfectly, very nice indeed!

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