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Razinuptal! My Thoughts On The Sims 4

I purposefully haven't read any reviews on Sims 4 as I wanted my views to be fresh and not influenced. After writing this post I'm off to read everyone's views! Anyway, I actually got Sims 4 for my birthday (which was in June). So it's been probably the longest wait for a birthday present! Or it seems that way anyway. At first I found that I was getting really irritated by the Sims 4 team at EA. All the press releases for the game were the same, over and over. I think we understand that the Sims now have all new emotions, that are (apparently) incredible. 

Finally a few weeks before the launch we got official ACTUAL game play. I didn't really want to watch too much, as I wanted to savour my first game play. So finally yesterday the game arrived. Insert Disc, Install: Play!
Love build and buy mode, design, physics is just great. Different; but great!

As an avid Sims player I was excited to see what the intro video would be! First disappointment: no intro video. It's the end of an era ladies and gentlemen, was I the only one a bit disappointed?
The game loaded super fast which I was happy about as I have a ton of games all ready installed. The movement of the whole game and the general physics of the game are fantastic. It really flows well and is a lovely smart design. I thought it might look a tad childish but I was pleasantly surprised, it's a great design; more on that later. 

I'm pretty sure that more or less everyone must do what I am about to describe. I never read the mini tutorial tips that come up at  the beginning of a game. I just click around until eventually I do what I need to do. I know that's bad! But I managed. 
Now, I'm afraid that I am going to be even more negative than I've already been. Sorry!
But I was really disappointed with the map of Sims 4, what's going on with that?! I mean I really don't understand why they thought that was a good idea. The way it looks and the way it works just doesn't work for me. 
The Sims 4 map, yes that really is it.
It's such a shame because I really feel that the Sims is really a simulation of life, albeit an over-the-top weird version of life. The look of actual game play and the map just doesn't correlate for me. 
I really thought the actual game was going to look childish, the term 'play-dough' was used to describe the look of the game before it was released. I really don't think that way anymore.
Oh old friend, how I miss thee.
I love the look of the furniture, and textures, I think they look a lot more realistic and proportioned compared to previous Sims games. That's why I'm so upset with the overall world.
The best thing about Sims 3 was the fact you could roam literally anywhere. You were a free Sim. Now The Sims 4 feels a lot more claustrophobic, it's just your Sim and it's emotions. 

An hour into the game I got round to getting a job; an astronaut. 
When my Sim left the house I was excited to see where she'd go. Oh. Into a puff of smoke, while I sit here for 5 minutes staring at a screen till she finishes work. There wasn't even a car to pick her up. Yet again we've taken two steps back. Not only are their no places of work, their are no cars! (Don't get me started on the swimming pools). I think the Sims team became to over excited about this 'new' idea of emotions, and they forgot about what us Ssimmers love, the simple things like cars, pools, places of work and killing Sims in weird ways.

Let's bring some positivity back into this post (for awhile at least). I love the gallery and how easy it is to bring in other Sims that people have created. Can we just take a minute to marvel at some of the creators creations. Just type in the 'hashtag' celebrity in the search bar and look at how life-like they look. It's amazing. I ended up getting Chris Hemsworth and moved him in the house opposite me ;)

Speaking of creating Sims. I love this aspect of the game, here you can clearly tell they have made huge changes in the way we interact and create our Sims. Changing every small and large feature is great fun. Now without spending hours and hours you can make a Sim that actually resembles you or your friends. The selection of clothes isn't massive but it's adequate and enough for the base game. One feature I really miss is the customisation on clothes and objects etc. I miss my polka dot patterns and stripes. Maybe it'll return. Overall Create a Sim is hands down the best feature that I have discovered in Sims 4. I can imagine myself spending a long time trying to create everyone I know. The Sims look great, and surprisingly more life-like in a animated sort of way; if that makes any sense! The races of Sims is a lot more clearer, which I think is great seems as it's 2014. Create a Sim is awesome. Yay!

Just look how amazing the difference is!
Overall (graphics aside) I think that Sims 4 should have been the game in between Sims 2 and Sims 3. Unfortunately it seems to of taken more steps back than it has forward. But maybe that's just the way that a base game always feels. I do think that whenever a new game in a long line of games comes out you shouldn't feel like you are missing anything. I feel like that now. The only thing I missed from Sims 2 was the Open For Business expansion pack. I know in time I will come to love Sims 4, but I won't be uninstalling Sims 3 like I did with Sims 2. I haven't spent long enough on the game to experience all it's features, so I'll look forward to discovering more. Are there any good or bad points that I haven't discovered yet? I didn't want this post to be too long, as I knew it'd just be me ranting the whole time. I'd love to know what you thought of the game too? Are you thinking of buying it? I know in UK stores it's around £38, which I don't think it's worth right now. I'd wait until it goes down in price, but that is easier said than done! 

My Sims 4 Wishes and Last Rants:
1. Bring back free roaming!
2. What happened with the map guys! 
3. Three words: Cars, Pools, Work Places.
4. The Sims team should have invested their time in online play (with others in-game) and exploring actually going to work with the Sims. Agree? Disagree?
5. Can we honestly expect to get the same run of expansion packs that we've always done? (Pets, Late Night, Vacation etc.) We all fall into the trap of an empty base game, every time.
6. Loading screens again... WHY?

Hopefully I'll put it in my September Favourites before I go away, then I might have more positive things to say about it, and I hope I do! Till next time! Don't forget to comment and let me know what you thought of Sims 4 or your opinions on what I've had to say.


(*I don't own the rights to any of the images used in this post)


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