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#1 Katy Perry: Style and Part of Me (Wish List)


I thought I'd start doing regular posts on what I watch on Netflix, maybe once a week. I think it's just a fun way to share what I've watched whether I thought it was good or bad. And I'll do a few style wish list boards to go along with the movie!

#1 This week it's Katy Perry's Part of Me!

 Katy's well known for her crazy outfits, but somehow I don't think she really ever goes too far. Amongst a host of other artists who fight for the most unusual outfit award daily; Katy stands out as individual. My Favourites are the hair chalk (which I am yet to try) imagine rainbow hair! Also the Katy Perry eyelashes, if you have a Savers near you get them there, they are a lot cheaper!

I thought I'd include a few 'normal' looks, that Katy can also pull off. Nothing can beat the Valentino dress (bottom left) but I think if you don't have £2,000 to spare (like me) then this New Look dress might be for you.

What do you think of Katy Perry's style? Yay or Nay? How many cupcakes would you give this film?


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