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#2 The Aristocats: It's All About Cats ... Without Being The Crazy Cat Lady

This probably will be the strangest blog post you read today, but stick with it. This week on the Netflix picks, I chose The Aristocats. (If you can't find it on UK Netflix, Google 'Media Hint on Firefox' and go from there) Anyway, you never get too old for Disney films, and the Aristocats is probably a long forgotten Disney film.

Now, obviously cats are incredibly cute, even if you are allergic to them. But sometimes when expressing our love for them in fashion, it can go slightly over the top. But on the other hand you only live once, so why the hell not be a cat lady! But for those of us who are more reserved in cat expression here are my favourite 'cat themed' must haves.

I am in love with the panel cat dress from Oasap, and had to show you. I know it's expensive but we can dream. You are never too old to wear bows, and if you can't make them yourself; then Etsy is perfect to find them. The red shoes from Topshop are really cute, my friend has the red ones and the white ones, super comfy and durable.

If you haven't heard of Em & Sprout then go and check them out. They make the cutest shoes, and these cat ones are amazing. I know onsies are totally over hyped but the cold weather is setting in, and if onsies are your forte then this one is a must!

Well I hope you enjoyed this post! Is the Aristocats for you? Do you own any cat themed cuteness?


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