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Favourite Items In Your Room TAG

I decided to start my own tag, so I hope that is okay. And more than anything I hope the people I have tagged feel like they would like to do it too!

So here is goes...

The idea is to share with your fellow bloggers the favourite items in your bedroom, (or any room of choice) Use the set structure to answer the (sort of) questions and tag however many people you think would enjoy doing this tag! ( You don't have to take photos, you can just write)

1. Your favourite item in a frame 
The picture of my grandparents on their honey moon in 1953

2. best blue or red or pink or yellow item in your room
My favourite pink item is actually my ditsy floral duvet from Primark, it's so cosy and it was only £11.
3. Favourite item made of paper
The few vintage magazines and music sheets that I have. They look great in frames.
4. What is the most sentimental item in your room
My photographs of friends and family. 
5. The thing you are most proud of in your room
My guitar because it reminds me that I stuck with learning how to play. And also my little comic book collection.

6. Favourite book or magazine in your room
I can't really pick a 'favourite' book, I have so many and love them all. But I love the really old Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tale book my friend got for me last Christmas.
7. The strangest thing in your room (keep it clean!)
It's not nesseccarily strange, but it can be freaky at night time. It's my framed copy of Empire magazine with Loki on the front.
8. The messiest part of your room
It has to be my poor wardrobe! I just shove all my clothes, bags and shoes in during the week. But I do organize it at the end of every week!
9. The oldest thing in your room
I think it is this book I got in a charity shop, it is from the 1800's.

10. Favourite piece of furniture
I don't really have any unique items that I would like, but I probably would choose my bookshelf. It's huge and I can fit all my books etc. on there.

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Kayla said...

Hey, I like this tag, do you mind if I do it on my blog?

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