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#GeekSpace: Collectables, Marvel, Zombies, Books + more!

Molly from Princess & The Geek started an idea called 'Geek Space' it's such a good idea, and a super way to share geeky spaces. Awhile a go I did a room update (which you can check out here) but this post will just focus on probably the geekiest area of my house; the desk area.
I hope you enjoy, feel free to do the geeky space idea too! Let me know what you think, and feel free to share your geeky ideas etc.

The Idea:
Show off your Geek Space. It could be your room, your office, your living room, even your kitchen. You can include what's on shelves, you can show off a little or a lot! There really are no rules. Now go on and show us your #GeekSpace. When you're done send mollyskywalker[at] an email and she'll add it to the #GeekSpace master list.

 Well I hope you have enjoyed this geek space post! Remember to let me know what you think! I'd also love to hear your ideas! Especially for displaying comics, I'm running out of room!

Also I just uploaded a video about the 2 super cute siamese kittens. I'm hoping to do a few videos following their mystchious journey. Please like and comment on the video so I know what you think! Till next time!



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