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June Favourites: True Blood, Accessorise, Decor, Business Cards + more!

I am begining to feel that I am writing monthy favourites posts everyday, I do not like how fast time is going. People say that time only goes faster the older you get, I don't think it's possible for time to get any faster. Is anyone feeling the same? June was the month in which I was born, and this year I turned *whisper* 22. I was planning to do a birthday post but I failed. So I decided to put some of the items I got in a favourites post! I hope you had a great month, I am absolutley loving to weather in the UK at the moment. I think it may have been close to 30C the other day, that's almost tropical for us. Now it's reached July we can look forward to SDCC! 

Let's start with a rather expensive investment. Over the years I must have spent a small fortune on the cheaper foundations. It's not something I wear all the time, but I do use it as a concealer and on nights out. I popped into Boots and after having a foundation makeover I decided to purchase this foundation. It really is amazing, and works perfectly with my skin. I also got a tester of the blemsih moisturiser and it really works! The redness in my skin has almost dissapeared, that'll definitley be my next investment.
Daryl Pop Vinyl
Have I ever not included a Pop! Vinyl in my monthly favourites? No, of course not! This Pop! was a perfect gift from one of my bestest friends. Surpringly it is my first Walking Dead vinyl; the first of many I suppose.
Battles Bridge Books/Record
In Essex there is a lovely Antiques Centre that I am obsessed with. It is so lovely and set in the countryside. There are tons of rooms filled with curiostities of a time gone by. It's easy to get carried away, but this time I only came out with a few items. Of course they were books at £2 each and a really unique record for £1. If you live near-by try and visit. 
Business Cards
I've been thinking about getting Business cards for awhile now. I wasn't sure who to go with and how much was a good price. I didn't want to pay too much if I wasn't going to use them. In the end I ended up getting 300 for free. Yes free! I used Banana Print and Easy Print. They do have templates available but I wanted to completly design the cards myself. I ordered them and they were delivered a few days later. Great quality and great service from both! Both sites allow you to completely customise your cards when using the free service. Out of the two I would say that Banana Print was the best and more professional.
Chrome Cast
A little gadget that entered our household this month was Google Chrome. It's a simple device that plugs into the back of our TV (HDMI). By downloading the Chrome Cast apps to your devices you can seamlessly stream content to your TV. It's great for Netflix, iPlayer and Youtube. It will be great when more sites invest into allowing Chrome Cast to stream their content. What's great is that you can stream stuff while getting on with other things ony our iPad, Laptop etc. Only around £30 I think.
Sims 4
Don't worry I haven't already got the game. But I did get it (pre-ordered) for my birthday. I am quite excited to see what it'll be like. I just hope it isn't a completley empty game that you get bored of after 3 weeks. I really feel Sims haven't learnt from their mistakes, although they are very good at making us spend our money. Why don't they add the basics of the expansions in base games? It can't be because of size, I'd even pay a little more. I'm also concerned that we haven't actually seen any real gameplay! It's always been the same drivel: "Never before have we seen our Sims have emotions like this..." blah blah. Come on guys E3 was the perfect oppurtunity to really go for it. Oh well I guess we'll just have to wait.
Dream Catchers
I've become slightly obsessed with dream cathers, they are so cute and summery. I have a few homemade ones in my room and they are great additions. I've added small flowers to them aswell as feathers. You can check them out in my Room Tour Summer Update which will be uploaded soon!
Accessorise Bag
I've had my eye on these rucksacks for awhile now, it'll be perfect for my little travels. But I'm not sure about the overally pompom one. What do you think? They are even on sale at the moment! 
Flower lights
I've wanted flower fairy lights for a long time. Finally I found some at Home Bargains. Good old discount stores. It was only £2.99 I think, it's not the longest but it's perfect to sit around my mirror.
I've talked about Vikings in a favourites post before. I remember saying that 'it isn't exactly Game of Thrones but it'll do.' I would formally like to completely retract that statement. I love it way more than Game of Thrones (big statement I know). I can't believe it isn't more popular. It saddens me to think that the upcoming third series may be the last. I'm looking forward to buying series one and two so I can watch it all the time. So make sure you watch it! 
True Blood
Ah! I nearly forgot to mention True Blood. But yes, it's back! I must admit I think that the last 2 series have been the best, I feel maybe it should have wrapped up then. It has gone so far from the books now, I know that's not really a bad thing, but it's still a shame. But episode 2, well the very first scene was definitley... worth the wait. I'm looking forward to see how they end it. I'll just enjoy getting the final box set and re-watching it from the very begining again.
First Aid Kit
I've loved this duo for awhile now, I've been meaning to include them in a favourites post for the last 5 months! I've remembered this time. I think they may be becoming more popular as I heard them on Radio One the other day. They deserve success, they are immensley talented. If you like folky music then please listen to them, you'll love them. 

Yet again it's been a random and weird favourites post. I always enjoy putting together all the unique favourites rather than the normal ones. Do you agree with any of my favourites? Also don't forget to join the SDCC at Home Community to stay up to date with spending Comic Con at home.


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Liz Keysmash said...

I really need to look into Chrome Cast more. If they ever get sports on board (GameCenter for the NHL or I'll buy one SO FAST.

Kerrys Habitat said...

:) It really is great for a what really is a starter project. I just hope the price doesn't go up when new people invest!

Sara said...

Lovely Favourites, The Daryl Pop is super cute!

Louise said...


Kerrys Habitat said...

thanks :) I love his ear necklace the most!

Kerrys Habitat said...

:) you have to make one!

Janesinger said...

Fabulous as always Kerry :)

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