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Marvel Therapy: Iron Man 3, Extremis, Comics vs movies?! (A Slight Rant)

As I enter the building I feel a sense of dread as what is about to be. I walk to reception. The man behind the desk merely points to the elevator, saying "Floor 6". It must be obvious as to why I'm here. He has seen so many of us come through these corridors. I reached floor 6 and in the waiting room sat a small group of people. Some in cos-play some in T-Shirts repressing their interests, the reason why they were here. Someone called my name. I went to room 4, laid down on the couch. "Why are you here Kerry?" I paused. "Marvel has ruined my life."

Now of course I'm being over-dramatic, and you'll have to take this post with a whole bunch of humour. Marvel hasn't ruined my life, but I find myself getting way too annoyed at certain things to do with Marvel. I need to remember that non of it is real and it's just a MOVIE FRANCHISE. But I thought why not share my frustrations about the movie franchise that I'll always love. I like to think I'm not a comic book purist, but I know I tend to be more of a purist than some people.
Sometimes I like that certain Marvel films stay a little from the comics. I think it's refreshing to have a slightly new take on the story-lines we've read for years and years. I think we need to start with the big one: Iron man 3. What happened there.

Some people say that it is their favourite Iron Man 3 film. For me it's at the bottom of the pile for Marvel films. I'll try to do my best to explain why I feel this way. In the promotion for Iron Man 3 I really felt like they were really pushing this idea of 'extremis' and the Mandarin. I was super excited because Extremsis is one of my favourite Iron Man story lines. I don't really want to go into the whole storyline, if you don't know have a quick read online! Basically after an awesome storyline, Tony Stark takes a form of the Extremis serum making it that 'an internal control sheath for his Iron Man armour is now contained within the hollows of his bones, able to emerge upon mental command.' Which believe me is awesome. Now at the end of Iron Man we are kind of left with the fact that Tony Stark isn't Iron Man anymore? I'd love for someone to shed some new light on the next issue. Why was it suddenly so easy for Tony to have the shrapnel removed from his chest? That whole problem was concluded in about 5 seconds. Why couldn't he have had that surgery when he first escaped? 

The Mandarin. Oh boy. I remember the moment we realised that The Mandarin wasn't who he actually is. I'll admit it was funny, but at the time I wasn't really laughing along with everyone else. I was dealing with disappointment. Anyone else? I know the whole character of the Mandarin isn't exactly 'PC' but there could be subtle changes to avoid a race problem. The Mandarin could have finally introduced magic to the Marvel Universe. Yes magic! A Doctor Strange movie has been confirmed so it would have made sense. I wonder if they'll stray from the magic aspect in Dr Strange. Plus Sir Ben Kingsley is such a talented actor, he could have taken the character so far. I'm still hoping it was a major double bluff. Oh and what happened with the Rings? Oh right we're not aloud 'magic' just yet. :)

They set up this whole premise for extremsis (*great rhyme!) but it led to literally nothing. I feel catfished by Marvel!  It could have led onto so much awesomeness with Galactus, Pepper getting her own suit and them having their daughter! I don't know. I super excited to see how Iron Man is going to be in Avengers 2. Really Tony is no different (physically) from anyone else being Iron Man. Maybe that is why they have done it, to make room for a new Iron Man as Mr. Downey Junior doesn't want to continue forever. Only time will tell.

Let's say a quick note on Thor. The Thor comics have always been my favourite, it's like a collection of science fiction, Shakespeare and history. Perfect. But when it comes to the movies I regret Disney's involvement with Marvel. Thor could be a really great 'gritty' film. Instead it always has this 'child-friendly' feel about it. I know that Marvel is supposed to be enjoyed by all ages, but I think they did a great job with Cap 2 and GOTG. It saddens me that people sort of see Thor as a pointless and over-hyped story-line, when I can see that it has SO much potential on screen. I just think that maybe the Dark World wasn't dark enough for me. From the beginning the film took itself seriously, which is fine! But the interjecting comedy slightly put it off balance. The comedy in GOTG worked perfectly, it didn't take itself seriously; therefore managing the seriousness and comedy perfectly.

What are people's theories for how Thor 2 ended? What's the deal with Loki? 
I love the character of Loki, both the old and recent versions in the comics. And Mr. Hiddleston does a great job onscreen. I just hope they don't pander to the audience too much, I think Loki should take a little holiday for awhile. But because of the ending I'm not sure that is going to happen.

I'm not saying that all Marvel films should follow the comics as a rule of thumb. I think that maybe there should be more faith in the actual comics book writers when it comes to the movies. I think they are more than capable of writing for the films.
Question I'm asking is can comic books and their movie siblings fully exist together? I guess the answer is no in relation to studio ownerships, but if the comic story lines were more of a guideline I'd be super happy. Captain America 2 may not have followed the Winter Solider exactly but i still felt that I was literally reading one of my Cap comics. It remains one of my favourite Marvel film.

I think in truth I don't feel angry and maybe not even disappointed just a tad frustrated. Mainly because the potential is so huge. Siege, Ragnarok and Fear Itself could be some of the best movies!

Overall I know that really non of this matters, I'm just so happy that we are even getting Marvel films. I'll continue loving and watching Marvel films as long as they keep going, I'm already invested. Maybe I need to have a little mental divorce between Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios. What do you guys think? I'd love to hear a fresh view on the topic.

Thank you for taking the time to read my pointless rant, don't forget to comment below! Remember try and be friendly! Till next time, make mine marvel! ;)



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