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Nostalgia Playing: Toys From My Childhood (NOSTALGIA FROM THE 90'S)

I think I have discovered lately that feeling nostalgic is one of my favourite things to do. I love being reminded of things that I haven't thought about for years. For the last few days I have spent hours upon hours finding and sourcing little nostaglic jewels from the depths of the internet. I've compiled a picture list of all the toys that I remember from my childhood. 

Post Office
 This was probably on of my favourite toys! I loved role-playing and pretending when I was younger. This is the exact one I used to have! You have stamps, a phone, coins, everything!

Marble Run and Marbles

Marbles on their own were a great and simple toy of my childhood. Then someone gifted my Marble Run. It looks so silly looking back on it, but I would spend hours creating different routes for the marbles to go.

 I think at one point I owned all the playmobil in the world; well that may slightly dramatic. I loved it, and if I admit it I still do. I'd still sit there and play with it all for a good few hours. I was definitley more of a playmobil kid than a lego kid. Luckily I still have some of my playmobil, which I will never throw away.

Duplo and Lego
 I put these two together because in my house there were just all mixed together. I was lucky in the fact that I got to play with a lot of duplo and lego that was handed down from my cousins. I got to play with all the old lego and duplo which I preferred. Hours upon hours were spent creating duplo and lego houses and cities.

Fisher Price Happy Family

Please excuse me while I have a major nostalgia attack. I completely forgot about these beauties. These were the exact ones I used to play with at my grandparents house.
I used to love driving around delivering the various envelopes through the doors. Looking back at it now, everything looks so simple. I don't think many kids would even think about playing with this now days. I would love to get my hands on this toy, even just one of the figures. The fabulous dude to the right was one of my favourites.

 Kids Trolley
When I used to stay with my Grandparents as a wee child I used to play 'shops' ALOT. I'd get all the tins out of the cupboard along with a few other items. I'd set them up on the shelves in the dining room. Either I'd be the shop keeper or customer, my poor Grandparents would just have to do what I told them to. Such fun!

Fisher Price Eggs
I have no idea why but I was obsessed with these little eggs.

Fisher Price Kitchen
 Here is when my childhood role playing really hit an all time high. When I was about 3 at Christmas I recieved a play kitchen alot like the one above. I literally fell in love with it. I was obsessed with pretending when I was younger, library, shops, post office and now home. Which leads nicely onto the next peice of nostalgia...

Plastic Food
 Ah yes I can hear the sound of that velcro now. I had all the food above with my kitchen and it was awesome. I'd love to have all that food back now, I don't know why. Good old Fisher Price.
Bubble Ball

Fisher Price Shape Game

Fisher Price Children's Till

 Doll Accesories
 As a child I was 100% a doll girl not a barbie girl. These are a few of the exact doll accesories I remember! Eghh nostalgia shivers! Especially the click the spoon with food on made!

Crayola Stamp Pens
 Play Doh!

 Echo Mics

Disney Handheld Game

 Bird Tweety 'Thing'
Turtle Sand Pit <3

Deciding Your Future Through These Things

or Using MASH to decide your future

 Koosh Balls (I didn't know they were called that!)

Stickle Bricks

School Shapes?
 I'm not entirely sure what these were, but I remember loving them at school!


 Tinkerbell Cosmetics

Pretty Pretty Princess Game
I completely forgot about this game! I remember not really playing the game more than twice. I took everything out and just used it as dress up materials. LOVE IT!

Calculator Things

Whitsle Lollies

 Not really a toy but fun all the same!

Cabbage Patch Dolls

 What's Her Face Dolls
I loved these dolls more than anyother barbie I had! They were awesome! I always wanted to have their hair. I don't know what they stopped making them! Much better than Barbie.

Puppy in my Pocket
I'm not entirely sure what there were, but looking at this picture I realise that I had nearly all of them! Why did I want them, and where did I get them from! I remember some of them you could put in the freezer to bring up a wound on their leg.
 Cinderella Polly Pocket
I loved this and I feel lucky to have owned it. Why did I throw it away! I would love to have it on my shelf now! All that I have left is the fairy god mother and little gus gus.

 Polly Pockets
 I didn't have too many polly pockets but I really really remember (right hand picture) the one in the middle. I loved that weird little potion bottle of a polly pocket. I also remember the more common polly pockets to the left.

Fairy Spinners

 Little Tikes

MacDonalds Potatoe Toys

Tamagotchi translates as 'Watch inside an egg'

Might Beanz

Hungry Hippos
Crazy Bones!
Need I say anymore?


Beauty Cases (Kids)

I loved this little set! <3

 Probably the best thing to come out of the millenium. I remember I accidently pulled his leg off. What followed was a compelte pyshcotic attack provided by myself. Luckily he was fixed in no time and back to his annoying little ways.

Pound Puppies
 I loved these little puppies. I remember having the pound puppie mummy who would have baby puppies in her belly. Being a professional vet ;) I would always pretend they were real and I'd put them in little boxes and look after them all. So cute!

Perky Puppy
This little thing was so annoying. I was very fond of him though. You'd just push him along using the attached pink stick, to which he'd move forward on wheels, bobby up and down with the odd squeak every now and then.

Waterful Ring-Toss

Ferret Ball Things

 Magic Magnet Writer

Why did they even make these things?! Hilarious!

Kong Man
My grandparents owned this and I would play it endlessly. It's so humbling to know that I invested so much time into something that wasn't a computer. This is such a fun game, I'm sure kids today would love it too! Check It Out - CLICK ME! 

Fisher Price Skates
 Great fun but really hurt my little ankles

My Little Pony
I didn't watch any TV shows or read any books. I was probably just following the crowd, but I always remember using them as a bath toy!

Fisher Price Tape Player
Singing along to my favourite songs on this bad boy... oh yeah.

Betty Spaggetthi!
Fisher Price Medical Kit

Gooey Aliens
How long did you wait to see if they'd make babies?
Beanie Babies (TY)

Top Trumps

One day a few people came to our school. They did an assembley. They had yoyo's. The rest was history.

Pokemon Cards 

Blo Pens
Hours of fun!

Well I know that was a very long list of a lot of pictures, so I hope you made it through the whole post. Is it weird that I now want to go and buy most of these toys. I want old Polly Pockets. Make sure you comment below and let me know if you recognise any of the toys from your childhood! Thank you taking the time to read this post, have a lovely day. Till next time.

Oh before you go I thought I'd share a few more images of 90's nostalgia. I forgot about most of these things.



Sailor July xo said...

I had some of these! I loved LEGO, Polly Pocket, Barbie and American Girl. I also loved cars and had a giant 'suitcase' full of them, all sorts. To be honest, I play with most of what you listed *now* (or the modern equivalent) more than I did when I was actually little. XD

Mariko said...

We called Scoobies Gymp where I'm from. And that picture of those star stickers totally made me smell that special smell they got from the adhesive. Spooky.

Stephanie Medeiros said...

I am so jelly of that play post office because we totally didn't have that here, but I had a sudden surge of nostalgia with the marker stamps and totally think they should bring those back. Scrapbooking and crafting is still so popular now that it'd make sense! D:

Hadas said...

This is so comprehensive! Bookmarking it!

Liz Keysmash said...

Oh man, now I want to go in the basement and dig out my Polly Pockets. I have a bunch of them. We used to tape sheets of drawing paper together to cover the dining room table and draw neighborhoods for them. We'd trace the bottom of each compact and draw sidewalks and roads and yards. So much fun!

(I always thought the McDonald's potatoes were fat McNuggets! :)))) )

Kendall Ashley said...

Oh my word, this post made me so happy. You captured ALL of the great toys from back in the day--including that doll accessory where you could feed the doll cherries and they would "disappear" from the spoon? That thing was the coolest...

Anna banana said...

Such a happy trip to the past just by looking at the images! I've even forgotten about some of those until now. Lol. The koosher ball, waterful ring toss, MASH, that paper deciding your future... Don't forget Magic Diary! :D

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