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September Favourites: Autumn, Books, The Giver, Chris Pratt (Again!) + more!

Ah! This is the last month I'll be able to post a favourites. I'm off to India today. I'll be volunteering in a remote rural community in the South of India for 10 weeks. Luckily I'll be home for Christmas!
There will be no electricity or running water so it will certainly be an interesting experience. If you live in the UK and want to challenge yourself, have a look at the ICS website. Volunteering abroad doesn't have to cost the earth. Please take a look you never know your life could change in 2015! This month has been relatively slow, which is nice as I can enjoy time at home. I've been busy getting the last of my vaccines and purchasing a few more items. I'm taking a 65L rucksack, which is completely jammed packed and weighs 16kg. I'm sure I'll have fun carrying that around. I've really enjoyed spending time with friends and family, it's times like this that I really appreciate the people I have around me. I hope this month has been good for you. Did you do anything brave this month? Let me know in the comments below.

The Giver Movie
I won't go into a review as I've already done one! Check it out - here - I really really enjoyed watching this film. I had a lot of reservations as I loved the book. I honestly feel like the film could have been a lot worse, but I feel it was balanced and well represented. I think Lois Lowry must have been relieved at how it turned out. Have you had a chance to see it yet? Have you read the book? Let me know.

Old Children's Books
I have recently been having a few nostalgic trips back to my childhood in the 1990's. I love looking back at all the things that I once loved and have forgotten about. One of them is children's books. I've actually written a post featuring some of these books (it will be posted soon!) Once I'd written the post I decided I wanted to try and find these books again. I could easily get them on eBay, but I thought I'd try and hunt them out in charity shops. So far I've found quite a few, not the main ones. To be honest I did have a few that I had kept, but I really enjoy hunting around the charity shops (thrift stores) looking for these nostalgic nuggets! 

Bilbo and Simba - Kittens
They are growing up so fast, I cannot believe they are already 9 months old! Time has flown by. As much as I wish they were whittle tiny kittens again I love that they are growing up to be cute, cuddly and extremely cheeky little boys. Bilbo is obsessed with socks and will play fetch for hours. Simba seems to stretch out like I've never seen any cat do before. He's so relaxed, he'll sleep in the most fabulous positions with his favourite blanket. If you are wondering they are both Traditional Siamese, Simba (grey one) is a blue point and Bilbo (brown one) is a chocolate point. They are still quite small for 9 month old cats! So cute!

Chris Pratt
Yes I know, it is getting old. But I just had to include him in my favourites again. He seems like a super nice guy, father and husband! Why shouldn't I feature this awesome dude in my favourites. I must say that although I like the 'look' of him in GOTG (who doesn't?!) I do think I fancy him more when he is in Parks and Rec. I just think he seems more real and lovable. Bless him, Yum yum. Any of you ladies and gentleman agree? If you haven't seen Parks and Rec, it is on Netflix. It really is funny, I laugh thinking about it.

Autumn Equinox
Yay! It's finally here! My favourite time of the year (winter is as well). I literally look forward to autumn and winter all through summer. I love everything about it. When someone mentions autumn and winter I imagine this; walking along Winchester high street in a scarf, hat and gloves. Clasping a lovely yummy hot chocolate, and visiting all the little shops. Ah! I can't believe I'm missing the whole of Autumn, including Halloween! :( Oh well. I will make the most of it when I get back don't worry! Make sure you keep an eye on my blog to see all the upcoming autumnal posts!

Sleep Eye Mask
This is a strange one but honestly I don't know what I did without it. It doesn't really get super dark in my room, particularly when I have to have a light on at all times. Yes, I know: FAIL! When I'm by myself at night I always seem to be scared of the dark, I'm not afraid to say it though! Sometimes I'm brave but most of the time I have to use the light from my phone. Somehow though I manage to be able to use a sleep mask. I'm curious to know if anyone else is scared of the dark but uses an eye mask, probably just me! I've only got a plain black one at the moment, but I really would like the Eco tools one.

Hair Cut
 Mainly because of going to a hot country for 10 weeks, I decided to get my hair cut. To most people it looks no different, but to me it feels a lot shorter. I was just becoming so bored of my hair. It wasn't short, but it wasn't long either. It was flat, frizzy and boring. Now I've just had about 2 inches taken off, and  more of a side fringe cut in. It feels so much more healthier! Any easy hairstyles that you can recommend?

 Instagram - Please follow me :) I'll always follow back: @mindfulkerry

Fries & McFlurry
 Could my favourites get any stranger? Yes they could. I've always loved eating my MacDonald's fries with their Chocolate milkshake! But over the last year I have a new favourite thing to do. Eating my fries with McFlurry! There is no point me explaining it, it just tastes SO GOOD!

 Downton Abbey
 It's back! I don't really need to write much here. I know a lot of people like Downton. I don't think it is the best show on TV. But there is nothing more I like doing than settling down with a little cake and tea, snuggling up and watching Downton. As soon as that opening music starts I sink away from my worries for awhile.

I love storms. Like really love them. Of course I am afraid of lightening, but that is understandable. That doesn't mean that I don't get super excited by a little change in our weather. I know that readers in the US are probably laughing at me getting excited about a little storm! Honestly in the UK we get such boring weather, any difference is great! As long as no one gets hurt I think it's great. Recently we had a big storm, so much so that the building I was in got hit by lightening and all the lights went out! How exciting! Bring on the winter storms when I get back.

As you can probably see I have found it difficult to think of favourites this month. But they are as random and weird as usual! I really am going to miss everyone whilst I am away, including my lovely readers. I've still got quite a few posts that are set to be automatically published in the next 2 months. Of course I won't be able to reply to comments but I'll reply to all of them when I get back. I'd still love to know what you think so make sure you still comment away :). I want to ask a little something cheeky too! If you could possibly share some of my posts in the coming months on Twitter I will love you forever! Also look forward to a fabulous giveaway in time for Christmas when I return. So the next time I will be writing a favourites will be after Christmas probably! Please take care in the next few months, all the best and till next time!


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